Historic homeowners fighting tough restrictions

Historic homeowners fighting tough restrictions

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - For 40 years, Alice Evans has lived in a house on 5th Street in Elyria. The outside looks dated and run down. Clearly it doesn't match the inside, which has bamboo floors, a jacuzzi tub and beautiful light walls.

That's because Alice's hands are tied. Her house is a registered historical home.

She says the Landmarks Preservation Commission will not allow her to make any modern updates.

"They don't care what you do with the inside, they won't let you touch the outside without permission," Evans said. "The historic society has had it's time now it has to go."

Evans is not alone.

Loretta Dixon has a home down the street.

"I have a house I can't rent and I can't sell, I can't even tear it down," Dixon said.

A group of residents is petitioning city hall to have their home pulled out of the historic district.

They say the cost of the repairs are outrageous by the historical standards.

Jodie Jordan wants to add siding to her home.

"Any repairs you have to go through them first," Jordan said.

Bill Bird has a different perspective. He is renovating the home he delivered newspapers to as a child.

"People are expected to attempt to keep their home in the style in which it was created," Bird said. "People have the whole rest of the city to buy a house in. They don't have to be in this neighborhood if they are not about the program."

Alice did not have a problem with the program until the restrictions got tougher. She wants to tear down her carriage house to build a much-needed garage
but knows she is going to have problems.

"I know if I build a garage it will have to be by the standards of Landmarks which is expensive."

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