Humane Society of Greater Akron teeming with cats

Humane Society of Greater Akron teeming with cats

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Everywhere you look at PAWsibilities in Akron, there are cats.

They are big, small, and any color combination you can dream of.

This is the slow time of year for adoptions, but a big time of year for intake. On an average day a dozen animals are taken in, like one little girl kitten who came in at just 6-days-old and is being bottle fed.

"Her name's Marilyn. She's got a little black spot on her face like Marilyn Monroe," one worker said.

The numbers from July give you a snapshot of the problem. One day, 27 cats were taken in. On another day, 26, and on a third, 23.

And they are not going out as fast as they are coming in.

"We're really hoping that now that the kids are going back to school that everyone is gonna settle back in and we can see some more traffic in here," said Jen Ely.

All the cats were rescued from bad situations like cruelty, neglect or abandonment. Some were injured. They are taken in, spayed and neutered, given all their shots and are medically sound.

Kittens are $40.

Jen hopes you'll take two.

"A lot of these kittens are siblings anyway so they grew up together, they get to play together," Jen said.

Cleaning up after this many cats and kittens is a lot of work, and that takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

There are other costs too, according to PAWSibilities President and CEO Diane Johnson.

"Even when we foster out we provide the fosters with food and everything they need," Johnson said.

That costs money too.  If you don't want a pet, the shelter hopes for donations of food, money or supplies.

And for dog lovers, there's no shortage there either. 70 are ready for adoption.

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