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Z Files: They SHOULDN'T get a trophy

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

Not everyone gets a trophy. In case you missed it, that’s been the national debate this week, on the heels of Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison sending his kids’ participation awards back because they didn’t actually ‘win anything’. Harrison’s actions, which he promoted himself on Instagram, struck a chord with millions of people, many of whom agree with him. That’s fine. I believe it’s very important to learn how to lose, as well as knowing what it takes to win.
I also believe everybody actually deserves a fair shot to win, through level competition, a message that WASN’T sent by the coaches of the South Snohomish (Washington) team in the Little League Softball World Series on Monday. The coaches had their girls intentionally throw their game against a team from North Carolina, so they could avoid playing a team from Central Iowa on Tuesday. The girls followed their coaches’ lead, literally swinging at pitches in the dirt, and simply bunting when they did make contact. Their shameful actions actually cost Central Iowa in more ways than one, because when South Snohomish lost (they were no-hit), the Central Iowa team was knocked out of the tournament because of a three-way tie in the bracket.
Thankfully, other rational-minded adults came to the rescue. Little League officials said ‘not so fast’, and quickly set up a play-in game between Central Iowa and Washington on Tuesday. Central Iowa won that game, 3-2, and celebrated as though they’d won the tournament (they now advance to the semifinals), in part, certainly, because of who they’d just defeated.  
I can’t imagine the pressure on the girls from Washington, though. They were in a no-win situation on Tuesday. And it’s the coaches to blame. They should be banned from coaching in the future. What message were they sending their kids?  ‘Take the easy way out?’

Some team is going to get a trophy at the Little League Softball World Series. And it’s definitely NOT going to be the team from Washington. For that, they can look within their own dugout, at the adults who are supposed to know better, and set a strong example.

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