Cleveland firefighters could soon face discipline for part time jobs

Cleveland firefighters could soon face discipline for part-time jobs

Many Cleveland firefighters could soon be disciplined, the result of a Carl Monday investigation into the department's part-time job policy.

Mayor Frank Jackson's office confirmed it has completed a follow-up investigation that began five months ago after the WOIO reports first aired.

Monday's reports revealed that possibly dozens of firefighters working for a company called Aero Mag were doing so without permission from the fire chief.

Some were even working full time. Firefighters are only allowed to work, on average, 20 hours of part-time work.

It wouldn't have been difficult for the city to find the moonlighting firefighters. Aero Mag is the company that deices planes at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, owned and operated by the city.

In fact, the head of Aero Mag's U.S. operations is William Colberg, a full-time Cleveland Firefighter.

As part of its follow-up investigation, the Integrity Unit of the Safety Director's Office reviewed secondary employment for all firefighters, not just those at Hopkins.

Discipline, we're told, could include everything from a reprimand, to suspension or even dismissal.

Firefighters are limited to 20 hours of part-time work to make sure they are alert when the alarm rings for a fire or medical emergency.

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