Students react to UA budget cuts as classes begin

Students react to UA budget cuts as classes begin

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Students will return to a very different campus at the University of Akron on Aug. 31 after cuts made by President Scott Scarborough, who is starting a three-year plan to shave $40 million off the budget. The university cites its annual debt payment of $38 million, as just one of many reasons to cut costs.

More than 200 employees are gone, along with the baseball team. Now the university is closing its Quaker Square General Store.  

Carol Ferry is visiting campus from Newton Falls with her daughter, an incoming freshman.

"When people are making choices to go somewhere, you aren't picking Akron because it's the most cost-effective. You expect certain amenities or facilities to be there," explained Ferry.

There is no raise in tuition for the fall semester, but Akron isn't cheap. One semester costs nearly $11,000, beating Kent State at just above $10,000 and Cleveland State at around $9,500.  

Students we spoke with are not happy with what's happening and that discussion is about to heat up. The university confirms they spent $50,000 for T-shirts to give away during the recent NBA Finals, amidst a nine-month examination of how to cut costs. 

Scott Hegenderfer is working on his third degree at UA and wants more discussion before any more cuts. 

"I believe there are other ways, and more discussion should be on going before cuts like this are made," he said.

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