Man arrested for posing as construction worker again

Man arrested for posing as construction worker again

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland man was arrested for a repeat offense in Mentor, operating the same scam he did earlier this year.

Around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, callers reported a panhandler dressed in construction gear in the area of Reynolds Road near Industrial Parkway. A detective in plain clothes observed the panhandler and recognized him as Calvin Honey.

Honey, once again, was dressed in full construction gear including a hard hat, flashlight and fluorescent vest. He was detained after he was given $20 by a driver.

Mentor Police say Honey has a lengthy criminal history and has done this before in Mentor, along with several other cities. Officers arrested him on April 10 for pulling the same scam.

Upon his arrest, officers discovered he had shoplifted an adult magazine from a nearby gas station. Honey was charged with begging, theft and possession of criminal tools.

On Wednesday morning, Honey was sentenced to 89 days in the Lake County Jail through the Mentor Municipal Court.

If you see him working this scam in the future, call Mentor Police -- again.

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