Congregation remembers Louis Stokes

Congregation remembers Louis Stokes
Source: Image Courtesy of the U.S. House of Representatives Photography Office)

Former U.S. Congressman Louis Stokes had a  cool, calm delivery that would catch any crowd's attention. The Mt. Zion Oakwood Village Church congregation experienced it firsthand.

"He had an infectious smile and laughter. He had a way of laughing and smiling that the moment he did that he didn't have to say much about that," Reverend Dr. Larry Macon, Sr. said.

Dr. Macon first met Stokes almost 40 years ago and the two became very close.

"When he came here in May we didn't know he had cancer so it was a shocker. I would've never have believed he would pass on so quickly," Dr. Macon said.

The church held a banquet honoring his wife Jay Stokes, who rarely appeared in front of the camera.

"Jay, as you know had been sick and couldn't speak, so he spoke on her behalf," Dr. Macon said.

Stokes made sure to show his appreciation for their 55 years of marriage. It would be the last time he would address the congregation.

"Our congregation was extremely happy with him," Dr. Macon added. "The one thing about him was that even after he retired he didn't retire. He was always the congressman."

And with his passing will forever remain their congressman in their hearts.

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