DDIW: Winegard FlatWave HD Antenna

DDIW: Winegard FlatWave HD Antenna

Are you sick of paying those high cable bills? Now you don't have to. The makers of a product called the FlatWave HD Antenna claim you can get hundreds of HD channels for free with a picture as clear as anything you would get with a cable box.

But you ask, Danielle, Does it Work?

Makers of the Winegard FlatWave HD Antenna claim it will help eliminate all those ridiculous cable bills while giving you a much clearer picture.

"No more price hikes, stop paying those huge monthly bills, and unlock the free in your TV and you order the FlatWave," the commercial says.

Emily Garesis is a yoga instructor who lives in a log cabin in Canal Fulton.

She hates the fact that she only has one cable company to choose from.

"That is MCTV. We do have access to AT&T, however, we've never had very good luck with their service, so it really isn't an option," Emily said.

That's why she agreed to tune into the HD FlatWave Antenna, to see if she will get more for her money.

"We probably, roughly have about 115 channels, local stations. We draw from Cleveland obviously, and we have the PBS station from Canton," Emily said.

She has an HD capable TV, but says she can't afford the HD service.

"I could have a lot of money a month. We have TVs in probably every room, which is an additional cost for each one," she said.

So we gave Emily the antenna to test for two weeks.

The set up was easy. The question was, will she be able to get that clear picture with all the channels?

In the meantime we asked broadcast engineer Jim Settecase whether he thought the HD antenna will actually make a difference.

"The HD name is more there for the public to kind of pull them into letting them know they can use it for an HD television, when in fact it's either a VHF/UHF-type antenna that allows you to pull in a signal that is digital or high definition. So there really isn't an HD antenna," he said.

Jim added that whether you live in high or low terrains could impact your service.

"That same antenna in a different location may not give you quite the same amount of stations that she's getting although Winegard is a very well-known company," he said.

After two weeks, we came back to a happy channel changer.

"Well these two weeks have been interesting. The antenna worked for what it told us it works for. It works very well," Emily said.

She admitted that they had to find the sweet spot to enjoy the full potential of the antenna.

"With putting it in the window, we still had pixelation on some channels, but for the most part they all came in really clear. HD clear," she said.

And being an Ohio resident, where the weather is always changing, bad conditions sometimes lead to spotty service.

"I rebooted probably, over two weeks, about four times only because you could tell that with the weather it really does pull from the air and there was a difference," according to Emily.

But even with the few blips, she says it it wasn't any worse than regular service. In fact in some cases, it was better.

"It appeared that we had all the channels that I've had over the past few days even after the rain we had," Emily said.

And she said the cost savings were well worth any minor spotty service.

"We could probably save about $1200 a year if we did just exclusively that and nothing else."

So it seems the FlatWave HD Antenna, is a clear success.
We found the FlatWave HD antenna for as low as $40. Amazon customers gave is 4 out of 5 stars.

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