Avon Lake and residents in sewer project at odds over job

Avon Lake and residents in sewer project at odds over job

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - It is rare to find people complaining about a major road improvement project, but that is exactly what is happening with a sewer separation project in Avon Lake.

The city says it has addressed the concerns of the residents, but some residents disagree.

It is a nearly $10 million dollar, dusty, inconveniencing job, but one that most anyone would think is an improvement.

Gary Carlson lives on Vinewood, one of the streets affected.

The pipe is down, and new curbing has been laid.

Gary and others on Vinewood and Crestwood say they were promised ODOT Type 2 curb and gutter. But all they got was curb, and they feel that is inferior.

"A piece of that came out. How long was it down? About two weeks," Gary said.

"They view this as being a deficiency, less than they had before and we respectfully disagree. We think it's an improved situation," said Mayor Greg Zilka.

The mayor says the problem is that when it was built in the 1960's Vinewood was built too flat and drained poorly. When the street was repaved in 1977, asphalt was laid curb to curb to give it a crown to drain water better.

The original Type 2 curb was covered.

Zilka believes other improvements more than make up for the change.

"We've added drains, we have changed the way the road will be restored, but the finished look will drain better because we added more drains," Zilka said.

The disagreement aside, Gary and his neighbors believed that after they complained the city public works director had agreed to use Type 6 curb and gutter.

Neighbor Ken Klein has a theory.

"I think he was probably told there was no money. Speaking with the mayor, he says it's not a money issue, so I'm confused," Klein said.

"We're not asking for any more than any other streets in the project has gotten but why should we settle for less?" Gary asked.

It's clear what is more or less is the heart of the dispute.

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