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Z Files: LeBron's in it for the long haul

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

Time for my take on Lebron, who was all over the news today for no other reason than he's LeBron, which is good, because I appreciate his take on all things as much as anybody, but...I have to ask: why is everyone waiting for the other Nike to drop? Why did the Bleacher Report even feel the need to tell us 'don't worry, Tristan leaving wouldn't lead to LeBron bolting again'? Of course it wouldn't.

I don't know how many different ways he has to say it, but the key part of LeBron's homecoming last summer was "home". He spelled it out in the essay. Literally. His relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. This is where his family wants to be. He's making historic contributions to the Akron community. Does he want to deliver a championship to his home state? No question. Does he expect a huge financial commitment from Dan Gilbert to help make it happen?  No doubt. But he's getting that. And $80 million for Tristan Thompson should be enough.

LeBron loves Tristan Thompson. But I believe he looks at Tristan's negotiations the same way he looked at Kevin Love's. Why wouldn't you want to be here? We have a great group. We'll be a perennial contender. Get on board. At some point, Thompson will, even if it's only temporary. But LeBron, his actions speak louder than words: he's in it for the long haul.

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