Terrance West, go south, young man!

Terrance West, go south, young man!

The Browns decision with Terrance West is one that I don't think anybody can disapprove of. West never seemed to take things seriously enough to ever make any real changes, so the club held him accountable.

This is not the first time they've done that. Last year, Ben Tate was jettisoned. Sure, part of that was because of the development of West and Isaiah Crowell, but it was also in part because of his attitude after the kids passed him by, so the team got rid of him.

Now, they've done the same thing with West. They did not care that they made a draft day trade just last year to get him, getting him out of here was more important. Bravo! It sends a message to the rest of the team- shape up, or ship out.  In training camp this year, Running Backs Coach Wilbert Montgomery said none of the backs this year had showed up to claim the job, so this should also serve as a wake up call to Crowell- do not think your job is safe just because you flashed last year.

They drafted Duke Johnson for a reason. I would not be surprised if he ended up being their guy at some point. Crowell needs to put it all together, or who knows, maybe they'll go find somebody to replace him.

I applaud Mike Pettine and his staff. We all know the browns track record of failure. There is nothing wrong with showing a guy the door if he's more interested in being part of the problem then part of the solution.