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"Escape in 60", break out of jail craze

Escape in 60 (Source: Mohammad Abdallah) Escape in 60 (Source: Mohammad Abdallah)

A company owned and operated in Cleveland has a new twist on adventure with friends, an interesting night out with lots of twists and turns.

The business is located in a suite on W. 6th Street and is called “Escape in 60.”

“Escape in 60” is the brainchild of Mohammad Abdallah, a law student who experienced this new craze in another state and brought it to Cleveland. Abdallah and co-owner Ali Ibrahim describe it as a cross between a scavenger hunt and the board game Clue.

There are three rooms to choose from and more are being added. Right now groups can experience the Fan Attic, Bank Heist, and Behind Bars experiences.

Once you are locked in the room, you have 60 minutes to use everything inside to break free.


"Some tools in the room are helpful, some lead you astray," said owner Mohammad Abdallah. "Some are decoys just to throw you completely off."

No cellphones are allowed, and in certain cases you dress up and play the part.

There are orange jumpsuits for the being behind bars experience and you’re handcuffed until you figure out how to get out. Only a flashlight is used to rob
the bank, along with gloves so no fingerprints are left behind, a hat too; to conceal the robber’s identity.
Groups of up to six are allowed in most rooms and the cost start from $25 and up per couple.
“We've seen over 2,000 people so far in a month and a half,” said Abdallah.

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