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Z Files: Prediction for Browns? Aim Low

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

So here we are, four days away from the Browns kicking off the season, and inquiring minds want to know, how good are they gonna be? 5-11? 4-12? 6-10? Or let's get crazy here. 8-8? Who knows?  It's easy to aim low, because only once in the past seven years did they manage to win even 7 games, and that was last year, when they the wheels came off and they lost their final five. It's also easy to say, hey, this isn't last year. That's right, it isn't. Which brings us to the tougher part. Where did the Browns actually improve?

Quarterback? I don't know. Brian Hoyer had his limitations, but he still threw for 1100 more yards than Josh McCown did down in Tampa. Receiver? Dwayne Bowe is listed third on the depth chart, and had as many TD catches last year as Josh Gordon did...zero. They don't have a deep threat, so I guess they'll just grind it out. Which brings me to the backs. Their top rusher from a year ago was just traded, and while they won't miss Terrance West, that puts a lot of pressure on Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson, and Johnson's a rookie dealing with a concussion.

So where do we "know" they're good? On the line. Both sides of the ball. And in the secondary. Those guys can hang with anybody. Oh, and at punter, with newcomer Andy Lee. Is that enough to win? Sure. If it's 1948. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Browns will stun everyone in this 50th year of the Super Bowl, and prove that that they can turn back time. 47 years ago, the Jets won the Super Bowl, by the score of 16-7. Pretty ironic, because that's the type of game we're looking at on Sunday, and the type of season that I fear lies ahead.
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