Unusual problem for neighbor of rail line

Unusual problem for neighbor of rail line

Trains can be noisy, and since a pair of tracks run through Ronnie Moore's back yard it is a sound that doesn't bother him.

He has a different problem with the trains. Trains filled with garbage. Put simply, they stink.

"And they'll have sometimes like 50 cars of garbage and it's open containers. And there's also renderings cause I can smell," said Ronnie Moore.

Trains passing through or even sitting are no problem.Where the problem comes is when they sit, full of garbage in hot summer weather for hours on end.

It's an issue Ronnie has brought up with the railroad with no success.

"They basically told me they don't have to do anything. Homeland Security protects them," Ronnie said.

"What did Homeland Security tell you?" asked reporter Paul Orlousky.

"Homeland security said no, they don't know why," Ronnis answered.

Making matters worse is the CSX won't answer even Ronnie's most basic questions of like, "Where they're coming from where they're going and what's on and they say they don't have to tell us anything."

Ronnie says the trains have been going through for about two years and but the garbage problem has gotten worse in the last six months. He'd like to know if there are dangerous materials aboard, but has only been able to watch from a distance.

"Wherever they're picking the garbage up it's East and they're going Westbound with it and they come back empty," said Ronnie.

So far our request for information from CSX has gotten about as far as Ronnie's with no information provided.

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