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#JoshOrJohnny: It's easy, start Johnny!

On the Mark (Source: WOIO) On the Mark (Source: WOIO)

It's the hashtag sensation sweeping Browns Nation, #JoshOrJohnny. Put me down for Johnny, please.

Hey, it's been two games, it's time for a quarterback controversy in Cleveland, right? And this comes down to one simple question- is Johnny Manziel a franchise quarterback? The answer is easy, we do not know. That mystery is why he should get the job. 

We know what Josh McCown is, a solid NFL back up quarterback. The veteran presence, yada-yada-yada, but he is not a franchise guy. Now I'll be the first to say, I was done with Manziel, I'd completely written him off. I'd love to be wrong. Johnny Football has done enough to at least earn himself a spot in the conversation.

Manziel needs to be given the keys to the car at some point this season. Anybody that has watched the last couple games should know that. He needs to be given a chance to get better at leading drives and show he can stop fumbling the ball. His turnovers are a major issue, but he can't fix it if he doesn't play. If he stinks, they've lost nothing. We all know they'll look at a QB in the draft regardless of which guy plays this year.
If the Browns want to start McCown against Oakland, they'll only be delaying the inevitable. Manziel needs to play. If not sooner, definitely later, just not too late.

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