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Z Files: Why they're starting McCown, why they should be starting Manziel

Z Files: Three reasons (Source: WOIO) Z Files: Three reasons (Source: WOIO)

Three reasons why the Browns (IMO) are going with Josh McCown
1. NFL coaches, by nature, are conservative. I first learned this almost 20 years ago in another NFL city, and have been seeing it ever since. “Their” system is what works. If their QB runs their system as planned, they’ll be successful.
A quarterback deviating, or taking matters into his own hands (as exciting as that can be), disrupts that plan. McCown is the type of game-manager that NFL coaches love.
2. Grind it out. That’s the Browns’ game plan this season, and they’re sticking to it. The 17-play drive against the Jets, with McCown in control, was a textbook example of what they want to do this season. The problem with 17-play drives,
unfortunately (as one former QB told me last week), is that the other team has now seen a lot of what you have to offer that day, and they seldom fall for the same trick twice.

3. Playing it safe. Johnny’s a wild card, even though he’s proven to be far more in command of the playbook and huddle this season. And not just in his desire to run. Turnovers are obviously an issue. Josh is steady. He’s not going to get
you to a Super Bowl, but he may be consistent enough for the coaches to keep their jobs.
Three reasons why the Browns (IMO) should have gone with Johnny Manziel:

1. He’s a playmaker, on a team incredibly bereft of playmakers. His ability to keep defenses off-balance not only keeps drives alive, it leads to big plays, including the crucial 4th quarter TD toss to Benjamin against the Titans.
2. The energy that a dynamic, play-making quarterback can bring to a team cannot be overstated. Manziel had First Energy Stadium on fire on Sunday, and make no mistake, his teammates feed off of that. They’ll certainly publicly support
McCown, but football is an emotional game, and Johnny raised everybody’s emotions on Sunday.

3. He could be the future. That wouldn’t mean much if he was 2014 Johnny Manziel, because there’d be a slim chance that he could win now. But 2015 Johnny Manziel has shown that he can make the right reads, and hit it big when the opportunity
arises. He was better against the Titans than he was against the Jets, and we deserved to see (and the Browns should have wanted to see) how much better he could have been against the Raiders.
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