Tribe front office shuffle? Meh...

Tribe front office shuffle? Meh...

The Indians have a new President of Baseball Operations and a new General Manager. Normally this is huge news. Massive. This time? Not so much.

Frankly, the news is only worthy of about a 5-minute press conference. I'm comfortable saying that because that's exactly what it got. This really was not big news, everybody saw it coming.

Chris Antonetti was in line to replace Mark Shapiro and Mike Chernoff was in line to replace Antonetti. The Indians apply "next man up" to the front office as well as in the clubhouse. Should you complain? Well, maybe. But it's not worth your gripe time. The organization likes the front office team they have in place. They feel the Antonetti-lead brass is the one to lead them to their first World Series title since 1948. If you were hopeful that Mark Shapiro leaving for Toronto would lead to an overhaul of the front office, you don't know your baseball team.

Should they have looked outside the organization? I am not ready to say that yet, I feel like they are close. They clearly have a core in place, signed to contracts over the next few seasons. Their pitching rotation is incredible and it's not getting broken up anytime soon. Even though Antonetti's tenure only lead to one playoff appearance, and that only lasted one game, you cannot dispute that he's done a great job locking up the young talent. It also cannot be disputed that he has done a poor job of bringing in veteran help to add to the young core. The only thing more jaw-dropping than the money he gave Swisher and Bourn, was the fact that he got Atlanta to take Swisher and Bourn. Seriously, we should all put the Braves on our Christmas card list. Antonetti's bunch needs to find a way to improve the offense without handing out ridiculous contracts, which is hard to do in baseball these days, but that's why they make the big bucks, isn't it? Figure it out.

There are a lot of small market teams that find ways to be good more than one year in a row. The Indians need to get there if they wish to have credibility with the fans. With a core group of players in place, and some fancy new titles on their business cards, Antonetti and Chernoff need to make it happen. If they can't, the Dolan family needs to consider looking outside of their own walls for help.