Z Files: My surprising Week 5 pick

Z Files: My surprising Week 5 pick

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Every Wednesday, I reach out to the Tailgate 19 crew to get their predictions for the show on Sunday.

Golic's easy. He hasn't picked against the Browns in the nine years I've been in Cleveland, and he never will, even if they went back in time and played the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Hanford's more objective, as is Joe Jurevicius. Both will pick against the Browns if they believe the other guys are clearly better, but neither one likes it.

Booms? That's easy. Browns if Johnny's starting, the other team if he's not.

Actually, Chuck knows far more about football than he's given credit for, but sometimes that gets lost in the Manziel discussion.

And Bernie? He's brutally honest, which is why only once through the first four weeks did he pick the Browns, back in Week 2, against the Titans.

I bring this up because this week's a tough call for me. The Ravens have won 13 of the past 14 games against the Browns, but clearly aren't the Ravens of past seasons.

The Browns had 'em in the hole heading into the fourth quarter in both meetings last season, which is reason for optimism, but of course couldn't finish, losing both, which is reason for pessimism.

And...just a week ago, the Ravens racked up 191 yards rushing against the Steelers, and in case you haven't noticed, that's kind of been an issue for the
Browns once again, stopping the run.

Throw in the extra rest for the Ravens, coming off last week's Thursday night's win, and the fact that they're back on their home turf, and it all adds up to another win over the Browns.

Except that it doesn't. I'm not sure why I believe the Browns will win. They're a dysfunctional franchise with problems that start at the top of the organization and trickle on down.

They're a constant reminder that bad teams find ways to lose. And they once again will be facing a team that boasts the better quarterback.

But the gap between these two teams has narrowed greatly, and I just have a feeling that this is the week the Browns rediscover their running game, and pull off the upset.

I'm picking the Browns. I'm not the only one (and I'm not talking about Golic). We'll share the rest of the picks on Tailgate on Sunday. And see if "words into action" finally plays out in Week 5.

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