Officials warn school districts over social media threat of violence

Officials warn school districts over social media threat of violence

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Police in Euclid and Cleveland Heights are investigating separate social media posts threatening attacks on their high school campus'.

In Euclid, police say threat referenced bringing a gun to the high school.

In Cleveland Heights, the anonymous message posting threat was not as specific but authorities do have one person in custody.

A statement from that district's superintendent said:

Dear Cleveland Heights School District Parents and Guardians: 
This morning, we received an anonymous message on social media of a threat against the High School. 
The threat did not appear to be credible, but the District and Police Department take all threats seriously. 
As a result, we immediately increased the presence of police and school security at the High School.
The student who wrote the social media post is now in custody. We believe this has eliminated the threat but we remain on alert. 
So, based on the information we have, please know that classes will continue today and tomorrow. The District, the City and the Police Department have a crisis management plan in place for situations like this -- and we followed that plan to the letter.  That plan included visibly enhanced security, as well as steps that are not as obvious to the eye. We share your concern about the safety and security of our children. Their welfare is always our first priority. If we ever believe our students and staff are in actual danger, we will make every effort to protect them. Please know that if we believed our students or staff faced any real danger today, we would not have kept school open. Unfortunately, we cannot control the exchange of social media messages and rumors that invite confusion and chaos. Instead, we only ask that you, as a parent or guardian, rely on official District and Police Department emails, postings and telephone calls for the accurate information you need and deserve.  
Again, we take any threat seriously.  Therefore, the investigation into the source of today's threat is continuing. We have one final request of you.  It is a proven fact that school violence is rarely done by unknown outsiders.  In the vast majority of incidents, someone else knew beforehand that something might happen.  We urge you to have frank conversations from time-to-time with your students. It's OK to acknowledge that threats are a sad fact of life. But also reinforce with students that if they see something, they need to say something -- to you, a teacher, an administrator or a security officer. Sincerely,
Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon
HHS Administrative Principal Zoraba Ross 

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