Driver interview released after deadly cyclist crash

Driver interview released after deadly cyclist crash
Timothy J. Wolf (Source: Brecksville Police Dept.)
Timothy J. Wolf (Source: Brecksville Police Dept.)

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - For the first time, we're hearing from the driver accused of hitting several cyclists in Brecksville with his pickup truck, killing two of them.

His reaction was caught on video during a police interview just two hours after the crash.

In the video obtained through public records, 42-year-old Timothy Wolf tells officers he didn't see the bikes and the sun was in his eyes.

He admits to drinking at lunchtime, but police did not find any evidence that he was impaired.

On September 17 around 7 p.m., Wolf was on his way home from work.

He was just a tenth of a mile away from his house when police say he crashed into several cyclists.

"I just wish I could've saw them. I didn't see anything," Wolf said to a police officer during the interview.

Police say Wolf was driving westbound on Snowville Road in Brecksville in his pickup truck. Then he turned left onto Dewey, striking five cyclists who were heading eastbound.

33-year-old Matthew Billings died on the scene. 52-year-old James Lambert died a few days later.

During the interview, Wolf appears to get upset several times, putting his head in his hands.

"All of those people just laying in the road," he said.

Wolf says he was blinded by the sun.

"It's just so crazy because in the morning it's like that and in the afternoon it's like that," he said. "Man, I didn't even see those bikes. I mean there weren't any cars for probably two to three minutes before."

Police say they did not detect any alcohol or drugs on the scene.

"Did you have anything to drink today at all?" A police officer asked Wolf.

"It was earlier, earlier today at lunch," Wolf said. He agreed to take a sobriety test.

Police chose to administer it at the station almost two hours after the crash.

Wolf did not stumble at all and appeared to pass. He then refused to take a blood test and a breathalyzer.

"No, I'm just waiting for my attorney," he said. "Listen, I have a business, a family, 50 employees and a fatality on the road. Please understand I don't know what to do."

Wolf teared up a bit while speaking to police before his attorney showed up and took him home.

"Oh, I'm sure this guy had a family," he said at one point, referencing the cyclist who died on the scene.

Wolf did not say how much he had to drink at lunch in the police interview. He was not charged with an OVI.

He faces two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of willful wanton disregard of public safety.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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