Family reacts after loved one killed by police cruiser

Family reacts after loved one killed by police cruiser
Christopher Kimble was a father of two. (Source: Family)
Christopher Kimble was a father of two. (Source: Family)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A family member of a man hit and killed by a police cruiser is sharing his disappointment over how the city is treating the case.

"They disregarded him afterwards. No immediate attention. No help or nothing. We haven't gotten no contact from the city. We found my nephew on our own. The coroner has never contacted us. The coroner didn't even let my sister view her son to identify him," said L.J. Moore.

Moore is Christopher Kimble's uncle. He was among the last to see him alive at home.

The family says it has been disrespected, after Kimble was struck by an East Cleveland police cruiser and killed on Superior Avenue. It happened on Oct. 3 around 9:30 p.m. as he was crossing the street.

Moore is upset that his family wasn't notified about what happened to Kimble, who was a father of two.

"We know nothing. The only reason we found my nephew is because we was looking for him. We were concerned. We hadn't heard from him in a few days," said Moore.

Being kept in the dark is disturbing to Kimble's family. Moore says Christopher had two phones and a tablet on him when he was hit by the cruiser.

"They took him to the hospital, where he was born at, so his birth records are there. So it's no reason we shouldn't have gotten contacted," said Moore. "The only thing we hear is a tire screeching and then 'boom.'"

A man who works at the Shell gas station where Kimble had just left says he saw video on a cell phone that shows the incident.

"The police get out and walk around his car looking like he'd hit a deer or something. And then he seen the body on the floor. And then he started running by Superior. And he sit down on the floor screaming and stuff. So, another police came and he was doing CPR."

That description is different from what police said, which was the officer had his flashing lights on.

Nonetheless, Moore says Kimble will be missed.

"He was just a happy, fun going, loving person, not a troublemaker," said Moore.

Since the incident involved a police cruiser, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating.

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