New app protects kids from cyberbullying on social media

New app protects kids from cyberbullying on social media

(WOIO) - There is a new tool for parents to help keep their kids safe online. It prevents users from posting anything negative on social media.

The "My Social Sitter" app is designed to help parents keep tabs on their kids by giving them the peace of mind when it comes to accessing social media
sites. It's a way to protect them -- and others -- from harmful content. If they send something inappropriate, the message is bounced back, and an alert is sent. If there's nothing wrong with the message, it's posted instantly.

"Nowadays, social media is 24/7," says Michele Joel, who grew up in North Ridgeville, but now lives in California.

Joel invented the app five years ago, but launched it last month.

She says she was bullied as a child.

"I've been in technology marketing. And I've seen a huge need. And it wrenched my heart. Kids are committing suicide and there are school shootings happening. So I saw a huge need to create something that could help the situation," explains Joel.

You can now get a heads-up before things get out of control.

Parents can even customize settings to get text alerts if their kids show signs of depression or are suicidal.

The software costs $34.99 a year for parents, but there are other plans you can choose. Discounts are available if you're associated with a school, and portions will even go back to supporting it. Learn more about registering here.

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