City has no answers for man whose car disappeared

Impounded car disappears

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A man whose car was towed and held at Cleveland's impound lot tried to pick up his vehicle, only to find that the city had disposed of it.

What Dewayne Williams was not told was where the car is now, who it was sold to, and where the paperwork is.

Williams showed Cleveland 19's Paul Orlousky an order from a judge directing that his car be released with no towing or storage fees.

"This is just a letter from the judge saying 'go retrieve your car'. You know, waiving everything," Williams said.

His paperwork is in order, including the title to his missing car.

When he got to Lot 6 on Quigley Road, he was told his 2002 Buick Century was gone with no paper trail to track the missing car.

Nearly a week ago, we asked city officials to see the original towing paperwork, Dewayne's ticket, when the car was disposed of, and who it was sold to.

So far, the city has not been able to provide it.

Dewayne was told at the impound lot that the car was disposed of on September 11.

The city's only reply is that it did not hold a car auction on that date.

Cleveland's policy is to notify the owner of a car held at the impound lot that the vehicle could be disposed of after it is held for 21 days.

Selling cars that are ruled abandoned is a revenue stream for the city.

Some are sold for scrap, others at auction to the public.

If cars are disappearing, so is the revenue to the city. It's going someplace, but where, and to whom?

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