Sheriff awaits DNA tests on 2-year-old's clothes after 2-day disappearance

Sheriff awaits DNA tests on 2-year-old's clothes after 2-day disappearance

WARREN, OH (WOIO) - The Trumbull County Sheriff said officials are awaiting test results on the clothing from 2-year-old Rainn Peterson, WKBN reported.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office are checking to see if there is any DNA or fibers on the girl's clothes that will tell them what happened to her while she was missing for two days.

Sheriff Thomas Altiere told WKBN in Youngstown that his office is trying to eliminate a lot of possibilities of what happened to Rainn.

Altiere said he has not ruled out that Rainn got out of the North Bloomfield house and a passerby took her.  "It's suspicious. I mean there are so many things we are looking at. I mean we did scour that area. But you have to understand, you are looking at a little girl and the grass was up to our waist."

Altiere told WKBN that the child's great-grandparents, Dora and Richard Peterson, were cleared of any negligence or wrongdoing. Rainn's mother, Brandi Peterson, passed a polygraph test last week.

After going missing for nearly 48 hours, many people wondered how Rainn could survive in the cold and wet weather.

"She was just soaking wet," Altiere told WKBN. "She had a very bad diaper rash, and we had to keep her in the hospital because of that."

Rainn was released from the hospital and returned to the custody of her great-grandparents.

"Mom will stay involved. Child Services will stay involved. Nobody wanted Rainn to go anywhere but to people that love her. That's what drove the common agreement to send her back to the home she knows," said Tim Schaffner, executive director of Trumbull County Children Services.

The great-grandparents expressed deep gratitude to all those who helped bring the missing toddler home.

"We thank everybody that had anything to do with this, to find her. We'd given up. But she is alive and she's well," said Dora Mae Peterson.

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