Will your flu shot do the job this year?

Will your flu shot do the job this year?

(WOIO) - Flu season is already here, but how bad will it be? Here's what local doctors are predicting and recommending to keep you healthy.

"I don't think I've had the flu ever," says Tracy Morse.

But Morse has noticed all the flu shot signs posted outside local drug stores.

"I don't like shots at all and I won't get them unless I'm forced," explains Morse.

Dr. Justin Smith runs the Rocky River Urgent Care. He no longer carries the flu vaccine because of all the drug store competition, but he still recommends getting a shot. He says he usually treats about 150 to 300 patients during the flu season, but he hasn't had any cases so far this year.

He says it's hard to predict what flu season will be like.

"Even if there is a new strain out, typically, unless there has been a major shift, the vaccine from the previous virus is usually enough to give you a leg up," he explains.

When the flu does make the rounds, emergency rooms usually see plenty of patients. Doctors say it's too early in the season right now, but they are prepared.

Another friendly reminder: If you do get the vaccine, you shouldn't let your guard down.

"Prevention is key here. So, definitely wash your hands. Definitely not touching your hands to your face. Try to sneeze into your elbow, so other people don't get it," says Dr. Jeffrey Luk with University Hospital.

Morse says maybe this year she'll consider the vaccine, but she's not convinced she needs it.

"If I got sick, I might think about it," Morse says.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, this year's shot is potentially more effective than last year's, when the strain of the virus mutated. The CDC says it was about 19 percent effective.

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