Cell phones taken from people connected to disappearance of Rainn Peterson

Cell phones taken from people connected to disappearance of Rainn Peterson
Rainn Peterson at home and doing fine. (Source: WKBN)
Rainn Peterson at home and doing fine. (Source: WKBN)

TRUMBULL COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Rainn Peterson, the 2-year-old who from her Trumbull County home for two days this month, is home from the hospital.

Her great-grandmother, Dora Mae Peterson, wanted everyone touched by Rainn's story to know that she is doing well, though they say they're still shaken from the experience.

"I think it's going to take me longer to recover from this than it is her because I'm still very emotional about it," said Peterson.

"They covered the area very, very well I thought and I just couldn't understand why they didn't find her," added Richard Peterson, Rainn's great-grandfather.

Rainn's great-grandparents were awarded temporary custody but according to the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office the investigation is far from over.

Officials are still trying to determine how the little girl survived for 48 hours alone and cold.

They have collected cell phones from family members and anyone possibly connected to the disappearance.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that Rainn got out and a passerby picked her up.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office are also checking to see if there is any DNA or fibers on the girl's clothes that will tell them what happened to her while she was missing for two days.

"It's suspicious. I mean there are so many things we are looking at. I mean we did scour that area. But you have to understand, you are looking at a little girl and the grass was up to our waist," Trumbull County Sheriff Thomas Altiere said.

Rainn was wearing the same clothes when she was that she had on when she disappeared.

"It was hard to believe, because truthfully, I had given up hope. It had been so long. I thought, 'It is not going to be a good outcome,' but it was," Dora Peterson said. "All the pieces are back together. The puzzle is complete again. Well, except what really happened, you know, but, she is back.

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