Bed bugs found on two Elyria students

Bed bugs found on two Elyria students

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Elyria Public Schools are taking some extra precautions after a bed bug possibly showed up on two students, one at Northwood Middle and the other at Elyria High School.

Officials say the procedure is different when a bed bug is found on a person rather than in a building.

The school discreetly had the individual contact family and to arrange for a change of clothing. The closing is inspected by school personnel before the individual is allowed to return to school.

The student's previous clothing and belongings are bagged and removed from school.

School personnel may or may not notify the parents of classmates in that grade level, depending on whether or not the incident was singular and contained to the person or belongings.

All parents are notified if and when a bed bug is found in the classroom and not on a person, and in a situation such as that, measures are taken to clear a room and bag belongings of all students in the room as a precaution.

Any bed bugs found thus far have been on individuals or in an individual's belongings, not in the schools.

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