Man's 11th DUI inspires Massillon officer's FB post

Man's 11th DUI inspires Massillon officer's FB post

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - Paul Whitt was just picked up in Massillon for his 11th DUI on October 7.

Sgt. Brian Muntean of the Massillon Police Department says he's never met Whitt, but he knows too many offenders like him.

In fact, while many may just gasp and shake their head when they hear about someone with that many OVI's, Muntean decided he needed to share the wisdom that comes from his years on patrol.

So, he sat down and wrote a Facebook post.

"I think people are tired of stuff being sugar coated these days - I really do. I think they want to hear the truth," said Sgt. Muntean.

But, there was nothing sweet about Sgt. Muntean's post. It captured a lot of people's attention, maybe because he was so honest about what he saw after working over a decade on overnights. He says he has dealt with well over 1,000 drunk driving incidents.

"That was just mine. If you count the rest of the police department, it is out of control," added Sgt. Muntean.

He writes in his post that the only thing that will stop the worst offenders is one of two things: prison or a casket.

"They find ways to get back into these cars, and they are 5,000 pounds, and they are moving about 100 feet per second. So, that can do a whole lot of damage in the wrong person's hands," explained Sgt. Muntean.

He says the biggest problem is the way the current law is written.

"Currently, it says if you have four convictions within six years for OVI, or if you have six convictions within a 20 year period for an OVI, that would make it a felony or any prior felonies, but short of that, it's a misdemeanor offense," added Sgt. Muntean.

Muntean also wrote that "We all make mistakes, but at a certain point, enough is enough."

"To make the same one over and over, to the point where you have 11 OVI convictions on your record, something is wrong. Something is broken," added Sgt. Muntean.

All of this from a man who has seen too many times what can happen when a drunk driver kills innocent people.

"Ask any police officer, they will tell you that one of the worst things that you have to do in this job is a death notification to a family because someone was killed in an OVI crash," said Sgt. Muntean.

There is a proposed bill for tightening drunk driving laws. Here's a link for a look at House Bill 300.

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