Cameras installed to fight crime in Ohio City

Cameras installed to fight crime in Ohio City

OHIO CITY, OH (WOIO) - A community has rallied to clean up problems with a unique approach.

Recently, Ohio City has seen its rash of break-ins at homes and vehicles. As a result, 10 security cameras are being installed along Bridge Avenue.

Kerry McCormack, with Ohio City Incorporated, is helping raise money to pay for the cameras.

"Some you will see and some you won't, but we will have signage through the neighborhood identifying the neighborhood is protected," explained McCormack.

Resident Jim Kavalec says he supports the extra pair of eyes.

"I love it. I have heard too many stories about bad things happening in this neighborhood," said Kavalec.

Homeowners don't need to worry about privacy because the cameras will be pointed toward the sidewalks and streets, not at private property.

A grant, fundraisers and Ohio City Incorporated will all play a part in raising the $30,000 needed to pay for the surveillance.

Maggie lives down the block and welcomes the cameras, but believes people in Ohio City already have her back.

"I think it would be nice to have some increased surveillance, but I think this community does a pretty good job looking out for each other," she said.

The cameras will be going up next week.

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