Calls for Cancellation: Show produced by LeBron James causes controversy

Calls for Cancellation: Show produced by LeBron James causes controversy

PARMA HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - "Survivor's Remorse" is a comedy that airs on Starz, produced by LeBron James.

The show is known to push the envelope on some controversial topics, but the episode that aired this past Saturday has some calling for the show to be cancelled.

The characters in one segment made fun of people with cleft lip and cleft palate birth defects.

Once character says people with a cleft palate have a "(expletive)-up mouth."  Other words and phrases like "snaggleteeth" and "weird lips" were also used.

"It's really hurtful," said Aimee Herman of Parma Heights.

Herman's four-year-old son Gavin was born with a cleft palate.

"As a parent with a cleft child, that's not something they can help, and if people understood what they went through - my son is going to be five, and he's already had five surgeries," explained Herman.

Gavin underwent his first surgery when he was just three months old.

"It's something he deals with his whole life, and with all these kids that get bullied at school, and the teen suicides, I mean, you see adults talking about kids that way, it's like, as adults, they should know better, and they don't," Herman added.

In spite of it all, Gavin is a happy, outgoing little boy, but taking pot shots at people that have struggled through what he has, is something Herman and others like her will not stand for.

"I don't think a kid with special needs is something funny. That's not something you make fun of - if anything they should be trying to draw awareness to it. They could have tried to say that in a better way."

So far, we have received no comment from the LeBron James Foundation or the creators of the show.

There is a petition circulating, demanding an apology from Survivor's Remorse.

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