Guest Editorial: Rob Thompson

Guest Editorial: Rob Thompson, Bike Cleveland

(WOIO) - I am Rob Thompson, communications manager for Bike Cleveland.

By now, many of you have heard about the pickup truck driver who attempted a left turn in front of five cyclists in Brecksville last month, killing two.

Cycling is on the rise in America, a trend we expect will continue. People on bikes need to ride legally and predictably and people in cars need to give them the distance and respect they deserve.

You may not like encountering bikes on the road, but you have an obligation to recognize their right to be there; a right that predates cars. Under the Ohio Revised Code, bikes are legal road vehicles, may take the full lane for safe travel and ride two abreast. People on bikes are extremely vulnerable and they are commonly bullied by people in cars frustrated by their presence on the road. Road rage is real and downright scary if you're on a bike. However, there is nowhere you are going that justifies threatening, harming or killing another person.

Your purpose on the road is not more important because you are in a car. Brecksville authorities so far seem to agree: the charges they have filed seem consistent if the same crash involved two cars. That is a standard we encourage because, in essence, we're all drivers.

Let us not forget that two people were killed in a moment of terrible judgment. Two husbands and fathers. No one with a heart wants to see that happen and we all want to reach our destination safely. Let's keep each other safe.

Thank you.

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