RushCard customers denied access after upgrade glitch

RushCard customers denied access after upgrade glitch

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thousands of people who rely on RushCard have found that they can't access their money.

"I'm totally frustrated," said Dana Davis.

RushCard is a prepaid credit card that customers use to pay bills, get direct deposits, and cash from ATMs, avoiding overdraft fees and credit checks.

Entertainment mogul Russell Simmons is the face of the company he started 12 years ago.

"It's ridiculous. This is a multi-million dollar company. You should have laws in place and set so you can rectify this problem. It's no reason it's going on three, four days."

Davis says her money problems started Monday. The next day she tried to use the prepaid card to buy lunch at work. When she logged on to use her PIN, it wouldn't go through.

"You hear your card is declined and you're sitting there looking like wait and minute where is my money at? It's really embarrassing," Davis said.

She talked to someone with RushCard who explained that the company was upgrading the system and there was some type of computer glitch and that they were working on the problem.

When we called, a message told us the call could not be completed at this time.

Those who rely on the card flooded Russell Simmons' Facebook page, furious they could not get their hands on their money.

Simmons himself posted a video explaining the problem and saying that it may "take a few more days" and "we are working 24/7 to solve the issue."

That's time Davis says she doesn't have, with bills stacking up, including the rent she is scrambling to figure out how to pay.

"I work too hard to not have the funds to do what I need to do," Davis said.

Davis says she tried to put a stop on her direct deposit that hits Thursday, but, it was too late. She says she now plans on trading in the card and using a bank.

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