Restaurant owner ditching tips

Restaurant owner ditching tips

CNN - A well-known New York restaurant owner is ditching tipping at his 13 establishments.

Danny Meyer owns spots from high end to burger shacks.

In a statement online, "you will no longer find a tip line on your check, and there will be no need to leave additional cash at the table, the coat check, or the bar. Our other New York restaurants will make this change over the course of the next year."

The reason behind the move - Meyer says cooks, reservationists, dishwasher, and etc aren't able to share in our guests' generosity, even though their contributions are just as vital.

Meyer says menu prices will most likely increase to keep on par with a 21 percent tip.

The isn't the first group of restaurants to do this but Meyer may be the most well-known and that could have some impact.

Meyer says the move will also help boost base pay for all restaurant staff.

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