Educators pushing to make school safety a priority

RAW: Frank Hall speaks to make school safety a priority

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - The community of Chardon knows all too well that school violence can happen anytime, anywhere. So, they opened their doors today to leaders in neighboring school districts to share their painful story, in hopes of helping others prepare for, and recover from the unthinkable.

Coach Frank Hall doesn't consider himself a hero, or an eloquent speaker. So being the face and the voice in the fight against school violence didn't come naturally to him. And it wasn't actually the Chardon High School shooting that inspired his foundation. It was the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting that incited him to act.
"The day sandy hook happened…it shook me to my core.  Then I realized you need to stop feeling sorry and get into the fight…spread the word that it can happen at your school," said Hall.

Coach Hall compares the Chardon High School and Sandy Hook shootings to September 11: preventable, tragic acts of violence that call for changes in security and government policy.

The mission of the Frank Hall foundation is to get a school resource officer in every school in the country.

"We have ALICE training implemented in high schools, where they're taught to attack and evacuate when we can. That's not possible with our elementary school kids. We need someone there all the time," said Frank Hall.

He spoke at a school safety summit about the day he chased shooter TJ Lane out of the building, and the approach he wants other schools to take.

"No more mental health issues, no more gun control, no more bullying…everything else is out the door. There's a killer at your door wanting to hurt your kids.  That's the day you gotta prepare for," said Hall.

Paula Fynboh is with Sandy Hook promise, providing free resources, and encouraging young adults to take every threat seriously and intervene.

"We know that in four out of five cases of school shootings, and 70 percent of people who die from suicide, there are warning signs, somebody has been told," said Fynboh.

Coach Hall is proud of the way Chardon recovered from such an event. He would like to see other schools prepare as much for the day after such a tragedy, as the day of.

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