Tristan Thompson, this is crazy

Tristan Thompson, this is crazy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tristan Thompson is a nice guy and a pretty good basketball player. He's a great rebounder, had an outstanding post season for the Cavaliers and deserves to get a nice new contract. He is also starting to look foolish. His contract squabble has gone from a curious situation, to an eyebrow raiser to an act of lunacy.

A one dimensional player that can barely score if he's standing at the free throw line is not worth a max contract. I could not believe the Cavs were offering 80 million dollars, let alone that he shot it down! I understand that players do feel pressure from their agents, and even sometimes their union. No doubt those factors played into Thompson missing the first day of camp. But enough is enough. Look around. Smell the roses. Buy a clue. Do something. Figure it out. You are not worth a max deal and nobody expects any team to ever offer you one. Thompson is considered a restricted free agent right now, there are teams that could offer him a max deal. Have they? No. Of course not. They, like the Cavs, have a degree of sanity and have not done it because they know at some point they'll need those dollars for contracts that make more sense.

Aside from appearing clueless, Thompson seems selfish. Missing a day or two of camp to make a point is fine. Make your statement, then get back with your team. At this point though he looks like he's pulling a stunt to try for the long shot. This isn't Emmitt Smith missing games for the Cowboys, everybody knew he was worth what he was asking for. Thompson is not.

Time heals all, and I'm sure at some point Thompson will be a Cavalier and this will be forgotten about as the team works towards winning that elusive first championship. In the mean time, Thompson needs to decide how much he wants to keep looking ridiculous while hoping to connect on a Hail Mary to the end zone.

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