Funeral directors parade hearses through city to stop gun violence

Funeral directors drive home message to east siders

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Dozens of different funeral directors came together Saturday with the same message in mind, 'Stop The Violence'.

The Cleveland Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association lined up their hearses and paraded through the streets of Cleveland. One after another, people noticed.

The mission - to raise awareness of how violence and the recent deadly shootings are impacting the community.

"I'm tired of the violence, and this is not what I envision in our city," Kaye Gaines from Gaines Funeral Home stated.

"There is a need to come and reason together," said Jason Lucas, Lucas Memorial Chapel.

Funeral directors said they want solutions to end the violence, including reorganizing the criminal justice system and putting more focus on getting kids through school and on their way to college.

The Cleveland police got involved, tool. They escorted the hearses and flower cars throughout the city and ended at Luke Easter Park on the east side with a prayer vigil.

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