Police investigating campus bike thefts

Police investigating campus bike thefts

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Students at Case Western Reserve University who count on bicycles to get around campus are learning the hard way their bikes may not be around for long.

The school says over the last month--there's been a rash of bike thefts.

"I noticed my chain. It's pretty small it had like a cut in it. I mean they didn't get it but someone clearly tried," said Mathew Keri, student.

That's why many are dragging their bikes indoors, but not every student can do that.

Biking is the most convenient way to make it to class on time. The university says campus police along with neighboring agencies are on the case.

"I''m happy to see security is on it because I've sen a few bikes with stolen wheels," said Norbert Gratzl, student.

Police have made a couple of arrests, but all the thieves aren't locked up yet so the school is warning students to make sure their bikes are kept locked.

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