Thousands pack Muni Lot despite cold

Thousands pack Muni Lot despite cold

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Within 24 hours of Northeast Ohio's first snowfall, thousands of the Browns faithful packed the Cleveland Municipal Lot or "Muni" Lot.
A man, known to his friends as "Big Eddy", brought out his special hat - an all fur covered standout, complete with side flaps for your ears.

"I try to stay warm.  That's all I can do," the man who wanted to be known as "Big Eddy," explained.

Some tailgated in the car or on board the bus they came in.  Some just stood outside looking really uncomfortable.

"I'm doing alright.  I've been going in the car every once in a while.   I'm doing okay," said Sarah Barron, of Mentor.  Her face was almost completely red.  

Ace Murphy drove in from Canada wearing shorts and a Browns jersey, while everyone else had on their winter coat.  The 38 degrees we started out with this morning is nothin' to him, "I'm warm.  I'm not shivering," he said.

Space heaters were standing by, but some remained unplugged.

Finding a spot near a grill seemed to be the ideal place to be – for a number of reasons.

"Hey, you have a good time, barbecue, good eating, good game hopefully," said grill master Eric Berrios, of Lorain.

If you're a businessman like David Walton, you're cashing in on the cold and last week's win.  Walton was selling Browns themed hats and gloves in addition to beads and sunglasses.  The hats and gloves, obviously, the top sellers today.

"If they didn't win last week, it would have been a whole other day today," said Walton with a smile.  Fans were definitely enthusiastic, and willing to open their wallet for more Browns gear.

Some threw footballs back and forth to stay warm.
The key seemed to be to keep it moving – oh, and to keep the shades handy, because the weather, like the Browns season so far, is sure to have its share of ups and downs before winter finally settles in.

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