Ohio Issue 2 explainer

An explanation of the proposed amendment. (Source: Ohio Secretary of State)
An explanation of the proposed amendment. (Source: Ohio Secretary of State)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A majority of Ohioans are in support of legalizing personal and medical marijuana use in the Buckeye State, according to the most-recent Quinnipiac poll.

Ohio voters support personal use of pot use by 53 percent and 44 percent oppose, according to the poll. The approval rating for medical use of marijuana is at 90 percent.

Ohio Issue 2 and Issue 3 will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Issue 2 was added by state lawmakers concerned that the amendment would grant a monopoly to grow facilities.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State website, a "Yes" vote on Issue 2 will prohibit special interest groups from amending the constitution to create monopolies, oligopolies or cartels.

Issue 2, also known as the anti-monopoly amendment, would prohibit any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for their exclusive financial benefit or to establish a preferential tax status.

It would also uphold the "state's traditional spirit and traditional meaning of free commerce, fair trade and fair dealing."

Nineteen states already have constitutional provisions banning monopolies.

Those against the issue said that "there is no reason to prevent anyone from amending the Ohio Constitution, even if it is for selfish, personal benefit, so long as the people support it by a majority vote."

If you want marijuana to pass in Ohio, vote no on Issue 2 and yes on Issue 3. If you want marijuana to remain illegal in Ohio, vote yes on Issue 2 and no on Issue 3.

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