It's Baaack!: Controversial Halloween display returns

It's Baaack!: Controversial Halloween display returns

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A gruesome Halloween display less than a block from Dentzler Elementary School in Parma has reappeared.

The display was taken down earlier this month due to public pressure but somehow, part of it showed back up Monday.

The sister of the homeowners say the reason it was removed had nothing to do with frightening children.

"They should've never took it down in the first place and the reason they took it down was because my sister had to go into surgery and there was too many people walking in her yard at all hours of the night and it was too much for her to deal with," said Michelle Barratt, sister of homeowner.

Residents even tried to get the city to force the family to take it down but Parma officials said there was nothing they could do about it because the display represents freedom of expression.

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