Brooklyn police officer involved in I-480 shooting also involved in deadly Cracker Barrel shooting

Officers identified in deadly police-involved shooting on I-480
Crews investigating deadly shooting on 10/15. (Source: WOIO)
Crews investigating deadly shooting on 10/15. (Source: WOIO)

Police release new information about the police officers involved in last week's deadly shooting on I-480 in Cleveland.

Last Thursday, a robbery suspect led police on a pursuit from Parma Heights to I-480 in Cleveland. The suspect was identified as Michael J. Brennan.

According to police, Brennan robbed a Papa John's in Parma Heights, led police on a chase then crashed into the median on I-480. Police say after the crash, Brennan exited the vehicle with what may have been a replica gun and pointed it at officers. Six officers fired, killing Brennan.

One of the Brooklyn police officers involved in the I-480 shooting was also involved in the April 2012 deadly shooting at the Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Patrolman Shane Phillips with the Brooklyn Police Dept. has 11 years of experience.

According to the release, on April 13, 2012, Officer Phillips responded to a call of a man in possession of a shotgun who had fatally shot his wife and children at a restaurant in the city of Brooklyn. Officer Phillips and other members of his department fatally shot the suspect.

Here are the other officers involved in the I-480 shooting:

Sgt. Jeff Krepina (Parma Heights) with 23 years of service

Patrolman Charles Mehlman (Parma Heights) with 22 years of service

Patrolman Scott Jackson (Parma Heights) with 16 years of service

Patrolman Stephen Lindh (Parma Heights) with 13 years of service

Patrolman Dan Toporowich (Parma) with 14 years of service

Patrolman Shane Phillips (Brooklyn) with 11 years of service

Patrolman Scott Jackson with Parma Heights was involved in a previous shooting incident that occurred on Dec. 1, 2012. On that date, Officer Jackson was acting as a member of a local SWAT unit. In that shooting a man was holding a woman hostage inside a residence. The unit entered the residence and the man was fatally shot. Officer Jackson continues to serve as a Team Leader of the local SWAT Unit.

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