Ohio Secretary of State warns against legalizing marijuana

Ohio Secretary of State warns against legalizing marijuana

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Secretary of State Jon Husted joined local community and business leaders at Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding in Cleveland Tuesday, for a press conference to urge voters to say no to Issue 3. The issue would legalize marijuana and give a limited number of facilities the right to grow and sell the drug.

Husted said, first and foremost, that legalizing marijuana would be terrible for business.

"The number one issue that I hear from employers about what their number one struggle is today, in the state of Ohio, it's finding employees who can pass a drug test," said Husted.

He pointed out how manufacturing and health care is a large part of Ohio's economy. He said workplace safety is important and drug screening is an important part of ensuring workplace safety.

"Think about it. You don't want, when you go to a hospital, to worry about whether your nurse or your doctor is using marijuana. You don't want, when you are out driving on the highways, to worry more about whether the guy driving the 18 wheeler or the heavy chemicals on board, is under the influence of marijuana," Husted explained.

If marijuana were to become legal, Husted emphasized that doesn't mean it would become legal in the workplace.

"It disqualifies you from participating in the economy because you will fail a drug test. You won't be able to go to work. You won't be able to sustain a job for yourself and to support your family," added Husted.

Ultimately, Husted warns that Ohio will become less competitive because businesses will choose to go to other states to find a better workforce.

Michael Canton, of Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding, warns that the passage of Issue 3 will create a glut of workers who will have limited employment opportunities.

"I don't care how smart they are. I don't care how skilled they are. If they can't pass the drug test, they are not going to he hired at many locations. They are relegated to flipping hamburgers or getting state and federal assistance, and raising the taxes for all of us," said Canton.

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