Lebanon man accused of cutting off baby's nose

A case from 2014 is on trial in a Warren County courtroom this week as prosecutors contend a man cut off a 13-day-old baby's nose.

According to reports, Robert Traylor allegedly injured the baby in his home on East McKinley Street in Lebanon in October of 2014.

The mother of the infant reportedly blamed her 3-year-old son, telling police he had some biting issues, said officials.

The prosecutors said they don't believe that story - they think the person responsible for the baby's injuries is Traylor.

"We intend to prove that he cut it off with a knife," said a Warren County prosecutor in a statement Monday. "The defendant alleges that his three-year-old son bit the infants nose off. However, we can refute that."

A woman who spoke with FOX19 NOW, who asked not to be identified,  lives next-door to the couple and said she doesn't believe that the 3-year-old had anything to do with it.

"He is a good kid didn't seem violent and would play by himself really well," stated the neighbor.

Defense attorneys for Traylor said no one saw the incident in question.

The child's mother claims she was in the kitchen when the baby started crying.

An attorney for Traylor said, "In our opinion there are numerous suspects and there is no conclusive proof against my client."

The defense attorney says they plan to present their case on Wednesday.

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