Video of mysterious Ohio lights create social buzz

Video of mysterious Ohio lights create social buzz

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WXIX) - A video posted to Facebook Saturday night had some Middletown residents in southwest Ohio questioning mysterious lights in the night sky.

Some commenters wondered if they were aliens, but it turns out the blinking red bulbs weren't extraterrestrial after all.

About 18 people did a nighttime skydive jump from the Middletown Regional Airport Saturday, according to Start Skydiving owner Gene Newson.

The red lights spotted by several people are actually a safety measure for the jumpers. The lights attach to skydiving suits so they are visible at least four miles away, according to Newson.

Newson said the after-dark jumps happen all the time, but that doesn't stop residents from calling the airport or speculating online about the lights over the airport.

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