Couple marries to fulfill a mother's dying wish

Couple marries inside University Hospitals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland couple fulfills a mother's dying wish by tying the knot.

"We had a whole church going on, what we were going to do, the colors, the people," said Megan Murph.

Instead, Megan and Joshua Abril got married on October 11 inside a hospital room at University Hospitals.

It was not quite the special day Megan dreamed of. This was a bedside wedding. Megan's mother Lorna was in the hospital losing her battle with cancer.

Joshua gladly went along with Megan's plan.

"I was willing to do this because I love her and I understood under the circumstances had it been my mother I would have done the same thing," Joshua said.

They had a simple wedding that was captured on a cell phone camera.

Megan's two daughters were there, along with a pastor and a handful of others.

You don't see Megan's mother, but you can certainly feel her presence. Megan shared with us.

"I looked back at her when I put the ring on her finger. She gave me her approval even on her death bed," Megan said. "She didn't cry. Her eyes glistened like a proud mom would."

Megan and her younger sister lost their father in their teens and recently lost their grandmother.

Lorna died eight days after Megan's wedding.

Thinking of her mother and no parent to walk her down the aisle, a hospital room wedding was perfect for Megan.

"In the midst of losing these giant figures in my life, God gave me the perfect man of my dreams. I wish I had enough words to say that could describe this whole situation. I just wish I made my mother proud," Megan said.

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