Huntington Bank customers hit with double debit charges

Huntington Bank customers hit with double debit charges

If you are a Huntington Bank customer, you better check your bank account.

"Due to a processing issue overnight, you may see some debit transactions twice on your account," says a Wednesday morning recording on the main Huntington Bank customer 1-800 phone line. "We are working to resolve this issue, correct your balance and fix any fees that may occurred as a result of this problem."

According to a tweet from the bank, debit and ATM card transactions were inadvertently double-posted. Balances are expected to be corrected Wednesday and related fees will be waived.

Customers like Christine Jeannet frantically began calling the bank early Wednesday after her fiance, who also is a Huntington customer, received an automatic text alert from the bank his account was overdrawn.

He immediately warning her to check her account. She said she noticed double charges on her account totaling $450 by 7 a.m.

"So everybody who has a Huntington checking account is probably freaking out," said Jeannet, 28 of Covedale. "I just think it's ridiculous, really. Aren't banks supposed to be a trusted place to put your money?

"It doesn't make you feel really safe. It makes you want to pull all your money out and keep it in a safe yourself. I am getting married in 17 days and I transferred some money out of my savings into my checking to pay for my wedding costs and I'm about $450 out right now."

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