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Z Files: Back to the Future? If only...

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

All this talk about "Back to the Future" has me wondering what Jimmy Haslam would do if he could jump into that Delorean. Would he still buy the Browns? Of course he would. Their value has increased by about half-a-billion dollars since he bought the team three years ago, which goes to show that winning really isn't everything. Would he still make Ray Farmer his GM? Now "that's" the question.

Farmer has been in charge since February of 2014, meaning he's run two drafts. Meaning, for all the talk about Pettine wanting one, and Haslam wanting the other, Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel are still on him. As is the philosophy of bypassing big-play receivers, and then, despite a receiver-rich draft in 2015, in which six wideouts went in Round One, settling for Vince Mayle in Round Four, a receiver who can't catch, and not surprisingly, was cut. As is the decision to give veteran receiver Dwayne Bowe, a guy who had as many touchdowns as you or I last season, zero, and a guy who can't get on the field this season, a guaranteed $9 million deal. 

But of course, none of us can go back in time. We can only move forward. And moving forward, if the final 10 games play out like the first 6, as in, win one, lose two...win one, lose two...Jimmy won't need a flux capacitor to fix things. He'll likely shake things up, we'll have a new regime, and it's Back to the Future once again for the Browns. A movie all of us have seen far too many times before.

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