Jimmy Dimora loses his fight with the court

Jimmy Dimora loses his fight with the court

Convicted felon and former Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora loses his fight to keep damaging evidence under wraps.

One year ago, Cleveland 19 requested the materials to be released. A judge ruled Friday afternoon against the 59-year-old. The court will release some of the 1,200 exhibit materials, "but not all, of the requested materials," citing the public's interest in the trial, the sheer volume of exhibits offered at trial, and the opportunity to increase the depth of public knowledge of the case and the underlying public corruption investigation."

Dimora hasn't seen the light of day since March 9, 2012 when he walked into federal court, was found guilty on bribery and corruption charges and immediately taken into custody. He's serving a 28-year prison sentence. He doesn't want anyone to see or hear damaging evidence played at his trial.

In a hand written letter earlier this week, Dimora objected to the release citing 'privacy and confidentiality.' He also stated the media would only use the phone calls to 'perform character assassination' and to 'humiliate/punish his family'.

The court acknowledges his concerns, but "trusts that the media will continue to report on this case in a professional and dignified manner."

The evidence is set to be released in 14 days. Here's a look at some of that evidence.

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