Hurricane Patricia impacting travel

Hurricane Patricia impacting travel

(WOIO) - Hurricane Patricia is packing some of the strongest wind gusts ever seen, and it's impacting travel plans.

Don Miller, president of the Lakewood Travel Bureau, helps people plan dream vacations around the world, including Mexico. But with this Category 5 storm on its way to hit the Mexican coast, Miller is helping clients change their plans.

"Mexico has not been a preferred destination in the past few years, due to the fact that Cabo San Lucas was ravished by a hurricane," Miller said.

Miller says, fortunately, the hurricane has not affected his business. He says he's already been directing people away from the Pacific side of Mexico where the storm will hit, because of weather and crime.

To those planning trips, Miller suggests going to the east side, where it's less likely to impact tourism and resorts.

Miller says none of his clients are headed that way any time soon, although for many others across the country, travel has halted.

"This is only going to set things back for certainly a couple of years. Those areas are going to be shut down for a while," said Miller.

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