Agree? Weight loss struggle harder today than 30 years ago

Agree? Weight loss struggle harder today than 30 years ago
Study shows weight loss is harder now than in years past (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You work hard at losing weight, you exercise, and you eat right, and you are making little headway.You are not alone.

A new study says it really is harder to lose weight now than it was 30 years ago.

The York University study explains that a 25-year-old who eats and exercises the same as a 25-year-old did years ago will have a harder time shedding the extra pounds.

While it might sound discouraging, Dr. Patrick Hanaway in Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic says it is enlightening.

"It really demonstrated what we've seen to be true, that the big two, diet and exercise, are not the whole story," Dr. Hanaway said.

The study points to changing environmental factors as getting in the way.

"Genetically, we are the same people, but, which genes are turned off and on because of the environmental influences. That's a big difference and that's what we're seeing happen," Dr. Hanaway said.

The authors of the study highlight three environmental factors that stand out as inhibiting weight loss: chemicals we are exposed to daily, prescription medication, and changes in our gut bacteria.

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